Meet the Team

Sharing Hope Africa, Inc. is a small nonprofit organization with an operational team based out of the US and Europe. All team members are volunteers and hold full time roles beyond the organization.  We collaborate closely with our partners in Mozambique and Eswatini.

The Team

Jami Porzl | President, Founder

Since the age of 13, Jami has been involved with multiple organizations based in Eswatini, fostering lifelong connections with friends and partners along the way. When the opportunity came to step into a leadership role and continue supporting Sharing Hope Preschool and Sharing Hope Farm, she rose to the challenge and founded Sharing Hope Africa, Inc. 

Sophia Caputo | Vice President, Co-Founder

After interning in Cape Town, South Africa and going on holiday in Mozambique in 2019, Sophia fell in love with southern Africa and knew she wanted a reason to return. She began her involvement with the organization towards the end of 2019 as a social media intern, and is excited to now leverage her business background as co-founder of Sharing Hope Africa, Inc.

Our Partners

Sharing Hope is a not-for-profit organization registered in the Kingdom of Eswatini, guided by their mission is to educate, equip, and empower those who have limited or no resources while providing affordable healthcare and bringing hope where there’s none.

Sharing Hope

Joseph Bhila | President

Joseph Bhila is a father, a mentor and most-importantly a man who gives everything he has to others, From a young age, growing up in Mozambique during the civil war, he learned the importance of family and community; especially how those can become intertwined. His father was the village-planner for the Gaza province which could be translated into ‘mayor’ in modern society. Once the civil war started Joseph did all he could to protect his family and his community. Eventually, after escaping being a child solider, twice, he helped many more escape and lead the escapees journey to Swaziland. In Swaziland he slowly built up his own mechanic shop. Outside of Sharing Hope Africa, Joseph is a mechanic at his own autobody shop.

Board Members

Alessandra Billi | Chairwoman of the Board

After two trips to Eswatini and Mozambique to support Sharing Hope Africa, Alessandra is excited to continue supporting in as the Chairwoman of the Board.

Sihle Bhila | Board Member

A beautiful, introverted, compassionate mother, wife, fleet administrator, part time baker and farmer. Sihle Bhila is a youth mentor, a lover of life and people. She believes in being a bridge for those who need hope; her heart bleeds when seeing children, women, and those in her community suffering due to lack of food, love, and health care. She always prays for a heart that serves and consistently puts others’ needs above her own, and she is excited to serve on the Sharing Hope Africa board.

Khara Woehr | Board Member

Khara is a Nurse Practitioner for family practice and treats patients from infancy to elder years.  She is married to her lifelong love and they have two children Emma age 20 and Jack age 19. Khara and her family have been to Swaziland numerous times since 2010 and once to Mozambique in 2018. She is excited to serve on the Board of Sharing Hope and help in any way she can. 

Sharing Hope Africa, Inc.

PO Box 7438
New York, NY 10001
(268) 7863 0863

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