Sharing Hope Africa, Inc. is able to support and empower communities in Eswatini and Mozambique because of partnerships & generous donors like you!

Where does your donation go?

We believe that long term change happens when we listen and partner with local leaders and organizations. Our US Team works in close collaboration with Sharing Hope, an African-led not-for-profit organization registered in the Kingdom of Eswatini, to understand the current needs on the ground (read more about our partner here!). We know that YOU want to know how your money is being spent – so scroll down, and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Student Sponsorships

We are able to keep Sharing Hope Preschool available and excellent thanks to our amazing student sponsors! Just $25/month per student makes all the difference in the world.

What does my sponsorship cover?

  • School Fees
  • Two Nutritious Meals (Mon – Fri)
  • Medical Attention, including life saving malaria medication
  • School Supplies
  • Clean Water Access
  • Teacher/Staff Salaries
  • Sharing Hope Preschool Gardening Project
  • Any and all other miscellaneous operating costs pertaining to Sharing Hope Preschool

Can I communicate with my student?

Student sponsorships don’t follow the traditional child sponsorship model in which you are assigned to one specific person. However, you are still welcome to write letters, send pictures, and sponsor gifts! If you would like to write letters to the students at Sharing Hope Preschool, you may email those to or send your letter to our PO Box (see “Give” page).  Because jealousy is very real and present in Licilo and because we want to respect the parents of these students, we do not accept gifts to individual students. If you would like to sponsor something special for ALL of the Mozambabies (such as bubbles for the classroom, a special meal, or a gift for the parents), please let us know by visiting the Contact page.

How often can I expect updates?

Since the Sharing Hope Student Sponsorships are different from other sponsorship programs, we cannot guarantee consistent communication with one specific child. However, we will send a picture and updated roster of all of the students at the school once per year, as well quarterly updates reviewing progress and accomplishments across the organization. To receive the most frequent updates, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Read more about Sharing Hope Preschool here.

Sharing Hope Farm

Our farmers are incredible at Sharing Hope Farm, but because of donors, we are able to continue making crucial improvements, such as install drip irrigation systems or purchase much needed water tanks. Read more about Sharing Hope Farm here.

Other Projects

Sharing Hope Clinic (Coming Soon)

Care Points (Information Coming Soon)

General Administration

All of our team members are volunteers and not compensated for their work. General administration costs come from registration fees to website domains. Without donors generously “paying to keep the lights on”, none of our work would be possible.

Sharing Hope Africa, Inc.

PO Box 7438
New York, NY 10001
(268) 7863 0868

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