Educate. Equip. Empower.

Help local, community-driven initiatives bring education, health, and economic opportunities to rural Southern Africa.

We believe all children should have access to education, food, and medical aid. We believe teachers should be paid and supported. We believe communities shouldn’t have to worry about food shortages. We believe that long term, sustainable change comes from collaboration, listening, and learning alongside locals.

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We partner with rural communities to support the growth and development of community-driven initiatives to enable meaningful impact.


Mozambican and emaSwati people employed through Sharing Hope Preschool and Farm


Graduates from Sharing Hope Preschool since 2012


Individuals with access to clean and local water in Licilo, Mozambique

Through Sharing Hope Preschool, we work with and support some incredible local teachers – like Judith, who is the acting Principal at the preschool.

Babe Mndzebele, Farm Manager at Sharing Hope Farm
Sharing Hope Africa, Inc. was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2021 to empower and support community-driven projects in Licilo, Mozambique and Siteki, Eswatini. We are able support these communities through collaboration with the African-led not-for-profit organization Sharing Hope, which is registered in the Kingdom of Eswatini.