Sharing Hope Preschool is located in Licilo, Mozambique, near the Gaza province, and roughly 100 children are fed and educated by the preschool each year.

Sharing Hope Preschool

In 2013, Sharing Hope Preschool opened its doors with one classroom, two teachers and 18 students. That small, one-room school has now grown into three classrooms, seven staff, and 100 students that are fed daily, loved by their teachers, given a quality education, and provided access to safe water through the school’s fresh water well. However, we knew that our students weren’t the only ones in Licilo who lacked access to clean drinking water. So, through generous donations and working with the local government, we were able to identify three other areas in the village who lacked access to water and drill wells in those areas. The wells are managed by a local water committee, and collectively provide clean water for over 850 people.

In addition to the school and fresh water projects, Sharing Hope Africa, Inc. also provides employment, healthy food, and educational opportunities through our small gardening plot. This plot has allowed us to incorporate a better variety of food into the students’ diets as well as teach basic agricultural principles to them while they are at the preschool.

Sharing Hope Preschool Updates

This year, we have 60 Mozambabies in our classes. As of right now, 1/3 of our students are sponsored for the 2022 school year! Current fundraising priorities include:

  • Student Sponsorships (20/60 Mozambabies are sponsored as of 1/10/2022)
  • Staff Salaries (0/6 Staff Salaries are funded as of 1/10/2022)
  • Drip Irrigation Piping for the Garden Project

Sharing Hope Clinic

Currently, One Heart Africa is building a medical clinic in Licilo to provide medical services to all of the children and staff at Sharing Hope Preschool.

Sharing Hope Clinic Updates

Construction & forward progress have been impacted greatly by COVID-19. We are focusing on educating the community on best-practices to prevent the spread of disease. As 2021 approaches, we are gearing up for what will hopefully be an impactful year. Fundraising goals include:

  • Windows & Fly Screens
  • Interior Doors
  • Exterior Doors
  • Staff Salaries

Sharing Hope Africa, Inc.

PO Box 7438
New York, NY 10001
(268) 7863 0868

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