Sharing Hope Africa Friends, Family, and Donors: 

You may have heard about the civil unrest in the Kingdom of eSwatini; since last week, there have been anti-monarchy protests that have turned violent after government forces’ involvement. 

Africa’s Last Absolute Monarchy Convulsed by Mass Protests

Read more regarding the situation from John Eligon at the New York Times

The Sharing Hope eSwatini team is safe and has relocated to the farm, where things aren’t quite as hectic as the main cities (such as Mbabane and Manzini), but internet access is still unreliable. Food shortages (for the second time this year, after Tropical Cyclone Eloise) are a growing fear as the border remains closed to supply trucks bringing in necessary food and gas shipments. The internet has been intermittently shut off, and logging onto social media has been near impossible, making communication within the country and outside of the country the erratic and difficult. It is our understanding that news is only available via radio, although most news is sourced from the monarchy.

New York Times journalist John Eligon writes that hospitals are overflowing with gunshot patients, some who have been hit with stray bullets or shot deliberately for being out past the 6 P.M. curfew. To gain a better understanding of the ongoing situation in eSwatini, please take a minute to read his full article: Africa’s Last Absolute Monarchy Convulsed by Mass Protests

Sharing Hope Africa is raising money for relief efforts, primarily focused on bolstering food production on the farm (which will aid with the food shortage, which becomes a more pressing issue each day).  As we learn of more ways we can help and support our friends and team in eSwatini, we will be sure to provide you – our donors and supporters – with updates.

Additional Updates:

Across the border in Mozambique, our students are getting ready to return to Sharing Hope Preschool from their mid-term break. Currently, we only have 2 of our 60 students sponsored on a recurring basis. In order to continue covering school costs, two nutritious meals per day, and any medical costs, we need your help. 

One student sponsorship is $25/month (less than $1 a day) and your contribution will positively impact one of our Mozambabies. In 2014, a UNICEF study showed that 68% of Mozambican students did not stay throughout the duration of primary school, with only 6% achieving basic reading competency by grade 3. Encouraging and supporting education at a young age is made possible by you, and significantly ignites positive, long lasting change in these children’s lives. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to chat with our team, reach out to or head to @sharinghopeafrica on Instagram for updates.

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